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Today is May 24th
Today in Texas History


On May 24, 1869, 24 defendants went on trial in the celebrated Stockade Case. The charges stemmed from an incident that started on Oct. 23, 1868, when a Republican meeting ended in a gunfight with local Democrats. The next night, a Marion County mob dragged five Republicans from the Jefferson jail and killed three of them. After the killings, Reconstruction officials arrested some 35 suspects, eventually trying 24 of them. The trial involved the testimony of 176 witnesses and a verdict wasn’t delivered until Aug. 23, 1869. Only seven of the defendants were found guilty of any charges and it’s unclear whether any of them served any time in prison.



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Today in Old Western History

May 24

1863 – Henry Plummer, a former road agent, assumes the office of sheriff in Bannack, Montana Territory after convincing the marshal to leave town.

1869 – Maj. John Wesley Powell and a party of nine leave Green River Station, Wyoming on an exploratory voyage down the Green and Colorado Rivers. They travel 1,048 miles in 98 days.

1871 – Lt. Hayes leads 30 soldiers of the 5th Cavalry against a band of Sioux camped on Birdwood Creek in Nebraska. Six Sioux are killed and 60 horses are recovered. Scout William F. Cody is cited for “conspicuous and gallant conduct.”

1875 – Northwest Mounted Police stage snake-killing meet at Swan River post in Saskatchewan, killing 1,100 snakes.

1881 – Fifty Sioux surrender at the Poplar River in the Montana Territory.

1883 – After attack on May 15 by Captain Emmett Crawford, Chato, Nana and 260 other Apaches voluntarily appear at General George Crook’s camp wishing to talk peace. They promise to return to the San Carlos Reservation in Arizona Territory, as they are tired of war.

1934 – On a dirt road outside Arcadia, Louisiana, Texas Rangers Capt. Frank Hamer, Pvt. Manny Gault and four other lawmen fired into the Ford sedan carrying Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker, cutting them to pieces.

1968 – The last surviving horse of the U.S. Army Cavalry, Chief, died.

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