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Today is National Tooth Fairy Day. Now THAT’S something to chew on….

Today is August 22nd
Today in Texas History

Today In Texas History – August 22

1856 – Camp Lancaster became Fort Lancaster.

1874 – Fannie May Hughes was born in Houston County. She became a journalist for the Houston Post and wrote The History of the Texas Women’s Press Association.

1876 – The Texas legislature created the current panhandle county boundaries.

1954 – In Gladewater, TX, Elvis Presley performed his first show outside Tennessee.

1968 – Near Ben Cui, Vietnam, Staff Sgt. Marvin Young was killed while covering his men with a critical head injury. His parents were awarded a Medal of Honor on April 7, 1970, by President Richard Nixon.

2009 – The Dallas Cowboys played their first game at their new stadium in Arlington, TX. During the preseason game, against the Tennessee Titans, the Titans’ kicker hit the scoreboard hanging in the center of the stadium.

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Today in Old Western History

Today in Old West History

August 22, 1898 – The hired assassin Jim Miller briefly joins the Texas Rangers, demonstrating how thin the line between outlaw and lawmen often was in the West.

Many lawmen in the Old West had never been on the wrong side of the law themselves, but more than a few moved easily between the worlds of lawbreaker and law enforcer. James Brown Miller was one of the latter. During his 47 years, Miller worked as a deputy sheriff, a city marshal, and Texas Ranger. He was also a gambler, a swindler, and one of the deadliest professional killers in Texas.


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