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Today is April 18th
Today in Texas History


On this day in 1900, African-American Baptist minister W. L. Dickson founded the Dickson Colored Orphanage in Gilmer. Black and white Baptists contributed to its development, as did local Baptist churches and Gilmer businesses; Robert C. Buckner, a prominent Dallas Baptist minister, served as chairman of the orphanage’s board of trustees. The Dickson Colored Orphanage was the only such institution for black children in Texas from 1900 to 1929. The state took over the home in the latter year and operated it as the State Colored Orphans’ Home until 1943, when the resident orphans were moved to the Texas Blind, Deaf, and Orphan School in Austin. – See more at:

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Today in Old Western History


1862- Utah- the Holladay Overland Mail wagon train near Split Rock station is attacked by 30 Indians. Six of Nine people in the train are wounded in a four-hour battle. The Indians partially destroy two wagons and make off with nine mules.

1865- Virginia City, Montana Territory- “bread riots” occur due to flour shortages.

1878- New Mexico Territory- J.P. Tunstall offers a $5,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of his son’s murderer.

1878- Texas-in Indian raids near Fort Quitman, San Ygnacio, Steele’s ranch, and Brown’s ranch, four civilians are reported killed.

1884- Huntsville, Alabama- Frank James was brought to Huntsville to stand trial for the Muscle Shoals paymaster robbery of March 11, 1881. Represented by four of the South’s best attorneys — Pope Walker, Richard Walker, R.S. Sloan, and James Newman — Frank was found not guilty, although seven of the twenty witnesses had positively identified him as being one of the three robbers.

1900- Thompson, Utah- George Curry, George, AKA Flat Nose; Big Nose, (1871-1900). At the age of fifteen, Curry moved west and became a stock thief. After a horse kicked him in the nose he became known as “Flat Nose.” Curry rode with the Wild Bunch for several years during the late 1890s. In October 1897, Curry, the Sundance Kid, and Harvey Logan rode into southern Montana where they planned to hold up a train. Their plan was thwarted by “Six -Shooter” Bill Smith and an ambitious bounty hunter. Curry and the Kid were arrested and taken to the Deadwood jail, but managed to escape. They returned to Nevada and spent the next few months breaking horses for local ranchers. In 1899 Curry held up a train at Wilcox Siding. A posse led by sheriffs Jesse Tyler and William Preece trailed Curry all the way to Castle Gate, Utah, where, on Apr. 17, 1900, they trapped him on a ranch. Curry ran for six miles, before he was hit in the head with a bullet from a long-range rifle. Before Curry’s body was dumped into a common grave at Thompson, Utah, souvenir hunters ripped away portions of his skin.

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